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Advent Calendar 2015: Window 5

Yumi's picks: Perfect Lipliner, 52 Heather (IsaDora)

I am in love with dark shades of red when it comes to lipsticks and I am so happy I happened to find this lip liner. I don't usually wear lip makeup because I tend to bite my lips, but when I do, I really want the makeup to last long so I won't have to keep adding more and make my lips look chapped because of it. This lip liner definitely earns its place in my makeup pouch.

How to use
Frame your lips with the lip liner to help keep lipstick in place. With a slightly different shade than the lipstick, you can create depth.

My tool of choice
The pen itself.

The lipliner is so soft and velvety that you can use it as a lipstick for the whole lips (shown in the picture here). It stays on really long. The design of the cap prevents the cap from ever touching the nib of the pencil when it's sealed, so no squished nibs by accident.

I'd be delighted to have a bit more shades of the said product. Other than that, I can't think of anything.

If you have anything further to ask about this product, don't hesitate to leave a comment!

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