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Advent Calendar 2015: Window 14

Yumi's picks: Translucent Powder (Kryolan)

Whenever I am using heavier makeup with contouring, body paints or special effects, I use translucent powder instead of regular "beauty makeup" powders. The powder itself is white, but once it's applied on skin, it's transparent. Because of its transparency it is suitable for any skin tone. There's quite a lot of variety between brands, but I have found myself using a powder from Kryolan, which is a makeup manufacturer specializing in film, television and theater industry.

How to use
Translucent powder is mainly used to set makeup and reduce shine. Apply this loose powder with a brush. Avoid applying too much, as a thick layer of translucent powder might make you look notably pale in pictures.

My tool of choice
My duo-fiber face brush by Real Techniques. I find it perfect for a loose powder like this, as it picks up the product very delicately, making it easier to avoid applying too much. 

This powder is super efficient in removing shine. Even the tiniest amount makes skin matte immediately. The quality-price ratio is good and there is a lot of powder to use for a long, long time. It keeps even the heaviest makeup in place quite nicely.

This translucent powder is not as fine and loose as it could be and it reminds me of flour a little. (However, because of it's consistency it is perfect for heavy makeup, like body paints.) The container could be designed much better, as the loose powder flies around the case and makes it messy. (I tape the top after using the powder to avoid messy situations when I'm not using it.)

If you have anything further to ask about this product, don't hesitate to leave a comment!

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