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Advent Calendar 2015: Window 24

Yumi's picks: Rigid Collodion Scarring Liquid (Mehron)

I dare to say that this thing is the most mind blowing makeup and special effects related product I have had the pleasure to get to know this year. What it is, is a scarring liquid, that actually "carves into" skin. It doesn't build itself on skin like latex etc, that rises higher and higher on skin the more layers you add. Instead, Rigid Collodion does the opposite, as it creates scars like they were actual cuts, wrinkling and "digging into" the skin the more layers you apply. This stuff is a blessing for people who are striving for legit looking scars with ease.

How to use
Apply a think layer of the liquid on dry and hairless area on skin and let it dry. Apply another layer if needed and let it dry again. Repeat this as many times as needed. The more layers you add, the deeper the cut will look. Add in some color with makeup or body paint if you want to. The dried Rigid Collodion is very shiny, so apply a coat of translucent powder on top to get rid of the shine.

My tool of choice
I am not using my makeup brushes for this liquid, but regular different sized painting brushes, depending on the size of the scar I want to create. Sponges are also an interesting tool to use to create scarring tissue different from regular cuts.

This thing is so amazing and fun! It is so so so much easier to create cut scars with this than with latex or similar stuff. It sticks to skin for hours and hours. You can definitely create real looking scars with this, but you can also use it to create saggy skin, like painting a line down from the corner of your mouth to create a saggy cheek. Definitely a valuable product for aging makeup too, then!

This isn't a con per se, but the product feels quite odd on skin when applied. It isn't painful at all, but the sensation of my skin forced to wrinkle is weird. :D This is also a liquid that is not advised to use around eyes, nose (the bridge of the nose is fine though) or mouth, so you'll have to figure out an another method to create scars around those areas. The smell of the liquid is very strong and unpleasant, do not sniff it if you want to keep your brain cells.

To see the product in use and to hear tips about using it, check this out!

If you have anything further to ask about this product, don't hesitate to leave a comment!

This has definitely been a different kind of calendar from me this year (and I must apologize for not being able to publish regularly every day, life happened, you know) and I hope this has been helpful to at least some of you. These have been some of my favourite products, but if you have any favourites of your own which you'd like to recommend, please do so! I am always eager to know about makeup products and hear some reviews!

Thanks for the ride!

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