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Advent Calendar 2015: Window 1

Hi guys! Like I already mentioned on my FB page some time ago, I will make an Advent calendar this year, too, this time around in English. Since I am on a medication that might make it impossible for me to slap makeup on my face every day or even every other day, I was sure I could not follow the same road as with my previous two calendars. But then again, maybe I could. Since I feel that windows should be kept short and compact (especially when so many are making calendars every year and reading several posts every day can be draining for the kind of reader who is invested in many calendars) and since people still seem to be interested in my makeup goofery, I am, once again, making a calendar about makeup. But this year it is going to be about my favourite makeup  and special effects products. This means that in every window I am going to present a product that I enjoy using; pros and cons, how to use it and what kind of tool I prefer to use for applying it. I will always refer to my thoughts and experiences, so even if some product might be perfect for me, it might not be for you. I hope this kind of thing is still something you'll find enjoyable, and maybe even find some products you'd like to try out yourself.

But now, without further ado, let's start this thing!

Yumi's picks: Beauty Base Eyeshadow Primer (Lumene)

I have mentioned this thing a couple of times in the past, and I will mention this again for the absolute importance. Whenever I find out that people are not using a primer for eye makeup or have never even heard about such a thing, I feel like fainting. Eye makeup primers are something I could absolutely not live without as they improve makeup so much. They are used under eye makeup to make it last longer, to keep it in place and to make the colors more vivid. I have been using this particular product for years and years and years and I will probably go to the grave with this smeared on my eyelids. Unless Lumene decides to take this out of the markets before that. I can't even think about such a horror. Plus, I actually like supporting a Finnish makeup brand, since it makes cosmetics using resources from arctic nature for people who live up in the North, aka who usually have really pale and fragile skin. Lumene doesn't use animals for testing their products, always good.

How to use
Dab a small amount of product on your eyelids. Apply a thin coat of powder to seal it in. Finally, apply eye makeup.

My tool of choice
I prefer using my little finger for applying the product on my eye lids.

This product is really long lasting and it really does make the makeup more vivid, keeps it in place and makes it last longer. You only need a tiny amount to cover the entire eyelid and I could use one tube for a couple years. The price is really affordable, especially since it really lasts so long. The texture is smooth and it blends in nicely, and it can also be used for priming lip makeup. I find the package kind of cute, too, and having the product in a tube instead of a can is also more hygienic. Arctic cloudberry mentioned, nice touch. 

Before Lumene changed the packaging of this product, it used to be a 10 ml silver tube, whereas nowadays it is only 5 ml.

Here are a few demonstration pictures from last year's calendar. On the left I have not used any primer whatsoever and this here is how the eye makeup looked after a few hours. On the right I have used Lumene's Beauty Base Eyeshadow Primer and this is how the makeup looked after the same amount of hours as on the left.

If you have anything further to ask about this product, don't hesitate to leave a comment!

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  1. Do you put this on before or after foundation? Also, does it work for eyeliner too or is it only eyeshadow?

    1. I do not put foundation on my eyes, but if I did, this would go under everything. The point is to make the product stick straight to your skin. It works as a canvas for the eyes, so whatever you put on your eyelids, both the upper and the lower ones, this helps with everything.

  2. Mistä tätä saa ostettua ja mihin hintaan?

    1. Lumene kuuluu Suomen suosituimpiin kosmetiikkabrändeihin, joten tätäkin tuotetta saa esimerkiksi Anttilasta, Citymarketista, Sokoksesta, ja muista hyvin varustetuista tavarataloista ja kosmetiikkamyymälöistä. Hinta vaihtelee kauppojen välillä, mutta se pyörii yleensä siinä 10-15 euron välissä.