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Advent Calendar 2015: Window 3

Yumi's picks: Eye Shadow Quartet, 44 Muddy Nudes (IsaDora)

If I would have to pick a favourite cosmetic brand, IsaDora would be high on the list. I came across this particular product last spring after spending months searching for a good enough travel sized eye shadow set of my kind of browns. This set has four different shades of brown, all completely matt.

How to use
Apply eye shadow on eyelids. There are numerous styles to go for, like smoky, winged, banana, etc.

My tool of choice
I love using my Real Techniques makeup brushes. Here I am presenting, from down upwards, brow brush (I also use eye shadows for brows), deluxe crease brush (mostly for blending), accent brush, base shadow brush, essential crease brush, and another base shadow brush.

Surprisingly affordable. IsaDora is not the cheapest brand out there and finding a quality eye shadow set like this one for under 14 really surprised me pleasantly. The colours are very smooth, highly pigmented and last long, even without priming. For their neutral brown and matt shades they are also suitable for contouring and highlighting or colouring eyebrows.

It seems that the darkest shade has a manufacturing problem of some sorts, since it comes loose from the case easily, not just for me but for two friends of mine also. I recommend treating the case with care.

If you have anything further to ask about this product, don't hesitate to leave a comment!

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